made in clerkenwell(ish)

Just over a week to go till Made in Clerkenwell, which is part of London Craft Week, where I will be exhibiting. Frantically finishing off some new work, today I have finished off weaving one piece, have dyed it in sections – to be stitched together tomorrow when dry -and have set up the loom ready to start weaving again tomorrow (in Hackney really not Clerkenwell at all). Made in Clerkenwell is on from 7 – 10 May Thursday – 5 – 8pm, Friday 12 – 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 12 – 5pm 33-35 St John’s Square, London EC1M 4DS

following a thread

Dying yarns for my project tracing the last journey of my great great grandfather Frederick Desnaux. In the 1860’s one of the main commodities traded in the West African coast was palm oil, the European traders were nicknamed palm oil ruffians, it was, I think quite a tough business and of course in the end poor old Freddy didn’t survive it. From his letters he doesn’t sound like a ruffian, in Madeira he collects flowers to press to send back to Nelly and he is delighted when he buys a hat in Accra with a circumference of 2 yards – ‘perfect for…