Messing With Yarn

I have been selected to take part in ‘Messing With Yarn’ a group show of international textiles artists at the Textile Arts Factory in Thessaloniki in Greece. It will be on from the 10th – 16th December. If anyone happens to be there please come along! I am showing three pieces made using macrame and objects found buried in my back garden. Breathing life in a playful way into discarded bits of junk to make garden creatures.

C is for Curious

The alphabet of me. A woven ABC, I’ve always loved illustrated alphabets and in order to make one one needs to have a word to represent each letter. So to choose these words I thought I’d do a kind of pseudo psychological experiment on myself (!) and picked the first word that came to me for each letter and decided to personify it with little woven figures. Whether they reveal anything about me or if they are just random I’m not judging. This anthropomorphising of material objects seems to be becoming a theme.