common connections

Round the commons   In an attempt to get my bearings and make sense of this project I decide to walk round all the commons in one go, starting from Hackney Downs and then ending up at London Fields, a route that pretty much takes me from one end of Hackney to the other. These commons are in some respects unremarkable but at the same time important, providing green space, identity and a continuity with the history of the area.  They are local markers and points of reference in the urban tangle of roads. Their magic lies in their ancient…


My transformed chair will be exhibited at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair from the 10th-13th October 2019 in Manchester as part of the Maker Project set up by Tom Sutton who gave 9 chairs to artists and makers from a variety of disciplines. An old chair reverberates with its past life, the memory of previous lives, its connection with people and the human body. Using yarn to transform the chair into something other is a way of both finding continuity of its past story but also weaving a new chapter. The joy of taking part in this project was…

hackney downs

  Dream of a common language Sounds: birdsong, footsteps on tarmac, then a helicopter blotting out all other sounds. It is a still day and up on the Downs the skies are big and and heavy, I walk round the perimeter along the plane tree avenues where their solid trunks create a sturdy boundary round the edges of the common. I then walk back and forth across the paths that cross the centre of the park recording the sounds as I go. On an early morning walk where the Downs are still and quiet it is the empty volume of…

reweaving the EU flag

This week I started a new project. I have been commissioned by artist Sanne Vaassen for an exhibition she is having at the Unit 1 gallery in Notting Hill at the end of July. She has pulled apart a number of EU flags so they are just bundles of threads and has given these bundles to weavers to remake. Today I have been tying the lengths of yarn together and winding the warp. Extreme mending.

commons, the rhythm of a walk

Over the past months I have been exploring the eight remaining pieces of common land in Hackney and recording these walks with photographs, writing and sound. These audio recordings will be the starting point for a series of woven pieces I plan to make about these ancient patches of land, remnants of a medieval world where people were deeply connected with the land. From the sound waves I intend to derive pattern and rhythm which I will weave into the cloth, so placing these journeys into the very structure of the fabric. Memory is embedded in the making of textiles…

Collect 2019

Exciting news, I will be showing some of my work on the Contemporary Applied Arts stand at COLLECT – INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR FOR CRAFT AND DESIGN from the 28th February to the 3rd March 2019 at The Saatchi Gallery Duke of York’s HQ King’s Road London SW3 4RY Opening Times: Thursday 28 February: 11.00 – 17.00 Friday 1 March: 11.00 – 18.00 Saturday 2 March: 11.00 – 18.00 Sunday 3 March: 11.00 – 18.00 Come along!

maker project 2019

This year I am taking part in a project initiated by Tom Sutton at the University of Bolton investigating the making process. Nine makers/artists have been selected to take part and we have all been given a Cox & Co metal tubular band stand chair frame to reinterpret and to record the process as we go. The project will culminate in an exhibition at Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in October. I received my chair the other day and will be recording my progress here as well as in notebooks and sketchbooks.