common connections

Round the commons   In an attempt to get my bearings and make sense of this project I decide to walk round all the commons in one go, starting from Hackney Downs and then ending up at London Fields, a route that pretty much takes me from one end of Hackney to the other. These commons are in some respects unremarkable but at the same time important, providing green space, identity and a continuity with the history of the area.  They are local markers and points of reference in the urban tangle of roads. Their magic lies in their ancient…

hackney downs

  Dream of a common language Sounds: birdsong, footsteps on tarmac, then a helicopter blotting out all other sounds. It is a still day and up on the Downs the skies are big and and heavy, I walk round the perimeter along the plane tree avenues where their solid trunks create a sturdy boundary round the edges of the common. I then walk back and forth across the paths that cross the centre of the park recording the sounds as I go. On an early morning walk where the Downs are still and quiet it is the empty volume of…

commons, the rhythm of a walk

Over the past months I have been exploring the eight remaining pieces of common land in Hackney and recording these walks with photographs, writing and sound. These audio recordings will be the starting point for a series of woven pieces I plan to make about these ancient patches of land, remnants of a medieval world where people were deeply connected with the land. From the sound waves I intend to derive pattern and rhythm which I will weave into the cloth, so placing these journeys into the very structure of the fabric. Memory is embedded in the making of textiles…

artist residency

In October I got the opportunity to spend a week in rural Wales at Stwidio Maelor where I had use of a large studio space to focus on making work without the distractions of everyday life. I spent my time drawing, playing with yarn, walking in the surrounding countryside and planning future projects.

colour theory

Coming soon! – I will have some work at Colour Theory, a joint exhibition showing the work of several makers/craftspeople represented by the CAA. Opening on Friday 19th March at Contemporary Applied Arts, 89 Southwark Street, London SE1 it will be on until the 21st April – so come along. Over the past few weeks I have been making some new woven pieces for this exhibition. Prompted by my walks in the Thames estuary from Tilbury out towards the sea. This is a landscape of big skies and flat marshland where the shifting light and the ebb and flow of…


On the footpath from Tilbury Fort heading towards Coalhouse Fort is an old rubbish dump dating from the 19th century as far as I know. The ground is full of fragments of pottery, old bottles, shoes, bones etc. Remnants of past lives. I’ve been back several times to collect treasures and have been reanimating them with a combination of macrame and tapestry.  

Thames estuary walks

In a series of several walks I have been exploring the Thames estuary on the north side walking from Tilbury fort to Tilbury Power station and from Coal House fort back the other way to Tilbury and then on the south side from Gravesend towards Cliffe. A bleak melancholic landscape of post industrial strangeness, all big skies, mud flats and marshland. Near Tilbury is the site of a Victorian dump and the ground is still full of rubbish, pottery fragments, old bottles and parts of shoes. I brought a bit home of course.